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Professional photography still lives in the digital age

The availability of digital cameras (even on your cell phone) on one hand, and the availability of computers on the other, allows each and every one of us to become a real photographer. Seriously: just thing who doesn’t take pictures of his kids, the tower of Pisa while on a trip, or the newborn puppies. Today sophisticated cameras with high resolutions make it very easy for anyone to become an instant photographer – or are it really? Before you sent the photos you just took of the cute puppies to the National Geographic international photo competition, you should know there is a big difference between an amateur photography and a professional one. Want to know more? This article is for you.
Professional photography

The age of the traditional films has gone – but professional photography is here to stay

Remember how the world used to look like at the age of traditional Photography? Some of us will probably say: “back than a photographer was a photographer…”. But professional photography didn’t die at the age of digital photography – it merely changed its formats, pixel and shape… if back in the past, a professional photographer was measured according to his ability to manually adjust the focus, his knowledge in the physics of lenses and the chemistry involved in the development of a film – these days the professional photographer needs to know something about computers, electronics, photo enhancement software etc.

So what makes the difference between professional photography and an amateur one?

The most significant difference visible between professional photographers and amateur photographer is very simple: the final result. Imagine baking a cake at your home, as appose to one made in the patisserie – which cake will look more professional? Unlike you, the professional patisserie holds professional tools (ovens, molds, baking materials and recipes). Professional photography is pretty much the same: the professional photographer obtains the knowledge and tools which makes him able to produce professional results. But don’t despair: with the use of some tips you too can upgrade your pics and enter the land of the pros. How? Follow those tips:
1.Learn the basic concepts of photography – if you wish to upgrade your digital photos it’s worthwhile to put some effort in learning the basic concepts of photography. It is important for example, that you’ll know what’s an aperture, shutter speed, composition etc, and how to use them in order to take better pictures.
2. Use professional accessories – even though today most digital cameras offer great picture quality and a fairly good zooming – yet it cannot be compared to the results made using professional accessories. If you’re really serious and passionate about photography - buy yourself a professional camera, professional lenses and accessories. It might coast you some extra cents - but it’s worth each one.
3.Take a photography course - yep: it costs money, but if you really wish to step up the ladder, a photography class can provide you with the right push. You don’t have to take the 5 years course of studies in the Royal Academy of Photography – you can easily find a variety of courses of all sorts, prices and course plans. If you don’t feel like learning, at least buy a good photography book that will provide you with the basic ideas you need to know about photography. Amazon is a good place to start looking…
4.Know your way with image editing software - Professional photographers edit and enhance their digital photos using professional image editing software. The most popular image editing software is Photoshop. With the use of Photoshop you can improve the colors, shapes, lightning and correct defects of many sorts. It may not be cheap - but you can buy the cheaper version of Photoshop elements or any other semi-professional software.
5. Don’t just “push the button” – Stop, take a deep breath, change the angle, the zoom or the perspective while trying to find the most unique and beautiful frame. A digital camera may allow you to take as many pictures as you like, but steel – think before pushing the button and try to make the best out of any “ordinary” frame.
6. Go catch a photo exhibition – Photo galleries and exhibitions are a good place to get inspired. If there isn’t any gallery near you, the internet is the biggest gallery you can find and a great source of inspiration.
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