Things you need to know before you book a photography studio

Will the studio you found online be the best studio for you? Will it be able to work with your kid or stage a food ad? How can you tell the studios that don’t have much experience from the professional ones?
Read more to learn how to choose a photography studio and find the one that’s right for you.

Photography studio

I don’t need a photography studio – my neighbor has a pretty good camera

Have you noticed that a lot of photos resemble each other? A photography studio is the remedy to that because it will give you something different, bold, and creative. Something that you can’t get anywhere else.   Even if your neighbor has a fancy camera, and he took some photography classes, it’s just not as good as the years of experience and professional gear that a professional photography studio has.

Why use a professional photographer and what kind of specialties are out there?

We all became avid photographers with the advent of the digital camera and its ability to satiate our hunger for immediate gratification. Unlike how it has been in the past, where the whole family booked a photo session at the department store’s photography studio and got dressed up for the occasion, today we take pictures all the time. Photography studios, however, still play an important role – they provide top-notch photographs that are sophisticated, designed, and unique. They use professional lighting gear, backgrounds, and professional techniques to get ‘studio-quality’ photographs.
Most people think that photography studios only do commercial magazine work – fashion models, and ads – but photography studios serve all sorts of audiences. You can find:
  • a photography studio specializing in kids and babies
  • a photography studio specializing in dogs and other pets
  • a photography studio specializing pregnancy photos
  • a photography studio specializing in events (weddings, parties, etc.)
  • a photography studio specializing in jewelry photos
  • a photography studio specializing in the ad industry
  • a photography studio specializing in food photos
A studio will have specific equipment to fit its specialization. For example, the ones specializing in food photography have a special can of spray that makes fruit glisten (you wouldn’t want to eat it with that spray on, though).

Common photography studio gear

A photography studio can provide you with an array of props or backdrops. In a baby shoot, for example, you will be able to put your baby on an old fashioned scale, or inside an oak barrel. For family portraits, there are all sorts of background – each with a different effect. You also have the choice between kinds of lighting – soft, delicate, harsh, etc. The photographer will tell you about all the options and will be able to show you some examples of her work. Finally, the photography studio will probably have a wardrobe from which you can choose all sorts of accessories: scarves, costumes, hats, and makeup. You can have lots of fun there if you’re in the mood for playing dress-up.

So how do you choose a photography studio?

  • First, find a photography studio that has experience with the kind of work you require.
  • Look for a place that’s near. A 2-hour drive to the photography studio might ruin the whole experience.
  • Check out the studio’s website. Look at the sample photos they have posted and see if you like their style.
  • Price is always important (but not the most important thing…)

What to do on the day of?


The camera accentuates everything, so put a little make up on and finish it off with some powder (to reduce shine). The makeup will give your face a smoother, more uniform look and will look great on film – we’re talking about you guys too! Using anything else (blush, eyeliner, etc.) is up to you. You can also hire a makeup artist (the studios always know some), but that will cost you extra.

Kids in the studio

Bring your kids when they are well rested and well fed - you don’t want them to be cranky and restless. Bring their favorite toy, security blanket, or pacifier. Kids, especially little ones, might not enjoy being in the studio. Don’t force it on your kids. If they are not in the mood we recommend that you re-book the studio for a different time.

Family portraits

It’s important that everybody arrives happy for the family portrait – get there after a good night sleep and a good meal. You can bring props from home or use the ones they have at the photography studio. It’s a good idea to pick the theme, the background, the outfits, and the props (if any) in advance. Then you can be natural and relaxed in the photo shoot. Don’t expect to be able to ‘direct’ everybody (especially not toddlers), so trust the photographer and follow her directions.
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